About Me

I know that most people think watching after cholesterol is something reserved for older folks. I used to think that too, mainly because my dad was always worried about it since high cholesterol runs in his family.

I recently went into the clinic to get some unrelated blood tests (for mono, because the test for strep throat had come back negative). I got a call back telling me that I did not have mono (yay!), but then I got another call back a little later telling me I have high cholesterol. While I knew it was hereditary, I didn’t think I’d have to start worrying about it at the age of 22.

Luckily, my parents could give me a head start on controlling my cholesterol levels, since my dad had been dealing with it for a while now. The internet also helped me out by highlighting foods I should start eating and foods I should stop eating, but I want to take it a bit further. I want to help you control your cholesterol while letting you know how my own journey is doing.

From dietary advice to kitchen recommendations to exercise regimes, I’ll let you know what’s been helping me control my cholesterol. It’s never too early to start taking better care of yourself, and I promise you won’t have to start eating oat bran for every single meal. Take it from someone who used to think beef had to be a part of every dish I made: if I can do it, so can you.

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