The Magic Bullet, Lower Cholesterol and You

Like me, you’ve probably been hearing about the Magic Bullet for years. Like you, I’ve also been skeptical of any product that dares to call itself “magic”. Then the unofficial, self-appointed President of the Magic Bullet Fan Club (also known as my mom) sent me one. Ever since then, I have become a believer in its ability to help me lead a healthier lifestyle.

Of course, a kitchen device itself won’t make you healthier, but it can definitely make it easier to incorporate cholesterol-friendly ingredients into your daily life.

Let’s say you need to mix in more fruits and vegetables in your diet, but you don’t really know how. I’ll tell you how: smoothies every single day. Don’t think you’re going to have to start spending Jamba Juice money, either.

I’ve been eating way more spinach since I got a Magic Bullet, because I can just stuff it into smoothies now. Along with orange juice and some frozen berries, this is the foundation of an easy, delicious smoothie. Then I can just add pretty much any fruits or vegetables I have lying around and blend them all together. I’ve never looked forward to spinach as much as I do now with a Magic Bullet.

Smoothies are great because they fill you up so you don’t have to eat as much the rest of the day. You can also satisfy your thirst with smoothies instead of other, less healthy options like soda. They can help you cut out unhealthy drinks without feeling like you’re really sacrificing anything. By having more smoothies in your life, you can live both healthier and tastier.

Magic Bullet

Smoothies are just the start, though. The Magic Bullet can help you eat more foods that are good for your cholesterol levels (like oatmeal and edamame) that you aren’t necessarily used to eating. Take this pesto recipe using edamame. If you usually eat pasta with pesto anyways, this is an example of how easy it is to add heart-healthy ingredients to what you already eat.

That’s why the Magic Bullet can be such a great addition to your kitchen, because it fits right into your routine. It doesn’t take up much space on your kitchen counter, either, so you’re not adding too much clutter to your home. Most importantly, it’s not too big of a hit to your wallet. The set I have, which comes with a tall cup and 2 shorter mugs, along with lids for all of the containers, is under $50 on Amazon.

Magic Bullet Blender

Adding a Magic Bullet to your kitchen is not only a great way to commit to eating healthier, but it can be an exciting way to kick-start a change in your personal nutrition. Once you have a Magic Bullet, you’ll feel like a natural in the kitchen with all the new meals you can make. Your heart will thank you, as will anyone else you may be cooking for.

Once you’ve gotten your Magic Bullet, make sure to come back to Control My Cholesterol to see some more ways it can help you lower your cholesterol without lowering your quality of life. If you already have a Magic Bullet, comment with one of your favorite recipes! Thanks for reading, and I’m excited for you to join me in the Daily Smoothie Club.

Updated: December 5, 2015 — 2:07 am


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  1. Love my magic bullet! So glad you shared this, I’m excited to make some spinach smoothies now.

    1. Don’t forget the frozen berries for that cold smoothie texture!

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