The Truth About Eggs And Cholesterol

When you first found out that you had high cholesterol, one of the first foods you mentally crossed off your list might have been (chicken) eggs. They regularly get a bad rap as a source of high cholesterol, but is this fair? What do eggs really do to your cholesterol?

First of all, it’s worth examining why eggs gained this reputation. They are a source of cholesterol, but so are the foods they usually share a plate with, like bacon and ham. So while eggs are high in cholesterol, typical egg-based meals are what usually strike fear into people’s hearts.

Egg in a pan

Something else worth noting is that eggs have significantly less cholesterol now than they did even 10 years ago. This shows that even if eggs were once high sources of cholesterol, they are not as much of a concern anymore. That said, there are still some things you should keep in mind if you’re watching your cholesterol but love eating eggs.

First, you should only eat about an egg a day. If you like having two eggs at a time, this means you should only have eggs for breakfast every other day. Also keep in mind that it’s not healthy to eat an egg and bacon plus ham every single day for breakfast, so you have to be conscious of your other meal choices.

This doesn’t just extend to breakfast. You can’t eat eggs every morning and then fill your lunch and dinner plates with bad sources of cholesterol. Instead, make up for high cholesterol meals by eating healthier meals for the rest of the day/week.

Just stay aware of the cholesterol-packed foods you do eat and avoid eating too much of them, and there’s no need to cross them all of the list. After all, your body does need cholesterol in order to keep going, so you can’t just cut it out of your diet completely. Instead, just make sure you’re limiting the sources of cholesterol in your diet, and keep enjoying the foods you love.

If you love eating eggs, it’s unrealistic to cut them out of your diet completely. Instead of making yourself miserable, just make sure you don’t overdo it on the foods you love and stay healthy. You might even find that you like your favorite foods more when you don’t eat them as often, and they start becoming a treat.

Looking for cholesterol-friendly foods to add in to your diet? Look no further.

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Updated: May 11, 2016 — 8:23 pm

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